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Wyland Studio, atelier P2BY presents "BIJOUX"

Transformed a simple T-shirt into a unique way like a skirt,

a unique top, a skort, a necklace and a tote bag!

To try it, is to adopt it!

This collection is unusual, very spectacular and wearable everyday, utilizing reworked materials and new ones to create unique items.

Absolutely unique one off piece like us and 100% made with love and care.


Rich colors, bold expressions and daring shapes.
Unique size and skirt adjustable with a velcro belt.

Bring fun and joy to refresh your wardrobe for the new season
for only £69 the top and £69 for the dress/skirt/short style.
For any tote bag or necklace/bracelet, drop me a message!

Fashion Tote Bag
White Pink 003.jpg
White Pink 004.jpg
White Pink 002.jpg
White Pink 005.jpg
Pink White 003.jpg
Pink White 004.jpg
Pink White 002.jpg
Pink White 001.jpg
orange purple 003.jpg
orange purple 004.jpg
orange purple 001.jpg
orange purple 002.jpg
Orange Blue 002.jpg
Orange Blue 004.jpg
orange purple 001.jpg
Orange Blue 003.jpg
Green LS Yellow 004.jpg
Green LS Yellow 003.jpg
Green LS Yellow 001.jpg
Blue Black 003.jpg
Blue Black 001.jpg
Blue Black 004.jpg
Blue Black 002.jpg
Bleu Coral 003.jpg
Bleu Coral 002.jpg
Bleu Coral 004.jpg
Bleu Coral 001.jpg
CROW 001.jpg
CROW 003.jpg
CROW 002.jpg
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