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You like your old Tee-Shirt...

You have so many T-Shirts, but you feel like you always wear the same one even though it is too short or old or out of fashion?

On your photos, you have the feeling of always dress in the same way?

I suggest you let P2BY customize your favorite T-Shirt into a unique piece of art that fits your style!

Imagine it is the morning, still a bit sleepy in front of your wardrobe, when you have to choose a T-Shirt.

And suddenly a smile appears on your face, you find IT, and you wear IT and nothing else is the same!

It is the same T-Shirt, with your memories, but different with a new identity and a new va-va-voom UNIQUE meaning!


Why choosing this P2BY customization service?

* Firstly, WYLAND, a French artist fashion designer based in London, will give back a new life to your favorite tee-shirt by using the defects that time have worked on (dull, torn, holed, worn...!).

* Secondly, it's a unique piece of art to wear that keeps its history, its emotion!

* Thirdly, it is no longer just a simple T-Shirt, it is still YOUR T-Shirt, so you will give it a new life by giving it a NAME which will be written on your T-Shirt!

* Fourthly, your new favorite T-Shirt will be delivered and wrapped in order to feel the impulse of your first purchase, another way to make this T-Shirt something more than just an object!

How does it work?

Trust me and send me your favorite T-Shirt by post and in my P2BY studio using my scissors and my high-quality textile paints, I will give it a new breath with cuts, weaving and design.

This is not an alteration service but a unique creative offer!

It is no longer just a T-Shirt, it is a WYLAND that stays YOUR T-Shirt and

regains its place of favorites!

For only £69 + P&P  -  PayPal payment

· 100% French creation

· 100% Made in London

· 100% Hand Twisted

· 100% Unique & Made with LOVE

Thanks! Message sent.

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